Building Contracting


To ensure that we keep up with progress and rode the use of all that is new in the world of contracting for the completion of projects of modern image and to achieve the well-being of the customer satisfaction is guaranteed, which is the basis of our work has been the development of project management […]

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Electrical Works Contracting


We carry out electrical works of residential and administrative buildings, hotels, and towers • networks, low voltage, medium and light current networks 1. Review extensions grounding connectors before pouring concrete Almidat the measurement and grounding connector clip and link the metal parts of the building. 2. Installation and inspection of boxes and lighting units in the […]

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Excavation Contracting


The company has full capacity to implement projects excavation and earthworks for infrastructure projects of roads, water networks and sewage and waste transfer spending drilling operations to the places allocated to them. 1. Unnecessary digging soil foundations and otherwise in any kind of soil, according to the sectors and levels described drawings Ottusiat the foundation […]

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Waterproofing Contracting


We carry out all types of insulation (water and thermal and acoustic) Mstkhaddamin latest separation technique for separation of water and thermal and acoustic foam and concrete works to choose the finest types of insulation materials and our extensive experience in this field ensures mastery of work and include: 1. Insulation work pools and water […]

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