Excavation Contracting

The company has full capacity to implement projects excavation and earthworks for infrastructure projects of roads, water networks and sewage and waste transfer spending drilling operations to the places allocated to them.

1. Unnecessary digging soil foundations and otherwise in any kind of soil, according to the sectors and levels described drawings Ottusiat the foundation soil Ptgariribhat.

2. Groundwater dewatering, if any.

3. Support aspects of drilling and spraying and chiming Moundalh to make the bottom horizontally according to the conditions and technical specifications and measured drilling engineered by the dimensions and elevations shown graphically.

4. Supply and bridging the sand clean, free of organic matter and clay around and above the foundations, elevations described drawings Ottusiat incorporation, then compaction Baldkakat mechanical occasion to get to the dry density of not less than 95% of the maximum dry density test test rate, include conducting the necessary tests to determine the validity of sand reclamation and quality tests compaction and all that is required in accordance with the conditions and technical specifications of the excavation and backfill, and reclamation geometrically measured by dimensions and elevations shown drawings.