Electrical Works Contracting

We carry out electrical works of residential and administrative buildings, hotels, and towers
• networks, low voltage, medium and light current networks

1. Review extensions grounding connectors before pouring concrete Almidat the measurement and grounding connector clip and link the metal parts of the building.

2. Installation and inspection of boxes and lighting units in the ceilings and the way fastened in place in accordance with the plans and review the size dimensions of the cans and make sure pipe – boxes connection perfected.

3. Matching clips pipes in accordance with the plans and the number of wires and wiring schedules.

4. Installing panels in place with precision and high level above the ground

5. Matching wire clips for various circles on the charts.

6. Check your cleats to connect the wires inside cans clouds (Qassams)

7. Mounting public distribution boards and main distribution and examination departments for various purposes and the way linked to various Balqguata and Godhaltusil extended with electrical circuits and conform مقاطعها specifications and drawings.