Building Contracting

To ensure that we keep up with progress and rode the use of all that is new in the world of contracting for the completion of projects of modern image and to achieve the well-being of the customer satisfaction is guaranteed, which is the basis of our work has been the development of project management Bama mentioned the following mechanisms to keep pace with the current development, namely:

Quality Control
To monitor and ensure the quality of materials and work in different projects and apply the company’s quality policy in all phases of the project to ensure the achievement of the highest quality business

Occupational Safety and Security
To follow all that is new in the world of security, safety and buy the latest missions industrial security of Avrolat and helmets and shoes Safety and gloves and Nzart protective and safety belts and tapes phosphorous and warning signs and fire extinguishers 000, etc., as well as the development of contingency plans and training staff Active them in order to preserve the lives of workers we believe that the human element is the most important elements of the production.

Planning and follow-up of projects
Develop programs of time for completion of projects on time, with the continuous update of these programs depending on the developments of the situation at the site, in order to preserve us to fulfill our promises to our valued customers the date of completion of projects in mind for their personal interests associated with the timing of the completion and opening of the project.

The development is still going on